home inspection


Home Inspection

Our standard home inspection follows the ASHI Standards of Practices and regulations set forth by the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs available below.  

Inspections include air conditioning, electrical, exterior, heating systems, insulation & ventilation, interiors, roofing, plumbing and structural components. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for additional information. 

Some sample defects

Deck Steps


All stair heights are supposed to be the same. Obviously the bottom step isn't even close. Additionally they should be closed in the back. 

Sewer Clean Out


Some would say the clean out is missing the cap, others it is a trip hazard and others a code violation. In this case all answers are correct. At some point in time the septic tank on the front lawn was abandoned and line was connected to city sewer. However in this case it doesn't look like the work of a licensed plumber.  See next picture.

Sewer Line


Do to renovations the buyer needed to replace sewer line anyway.  During the excavation it was discovered the PVC previously used was not the correct type or glued together. This would not be discovered during a standard home inspection however the clean out placement is an indication of possible substandard work. Another reason to always check for permits. 

Extension Cord


The garage door opener  cord is supposed to plug directly into the outlet. This picture shows it plugged into an extension cord. 

Electric Panel


The seller purchased the house like this and was not called out by previous inspector.  This is wrong for many so reasons.  See next picture. 

Electric Panel 2


The contractor also removed the door on the electrical panel before covering it with styrofoam insulation.  Unfortunately for the seller after 2 consolations with electricians, the remedy besides replacing the entire panel or finding a matching panel cover with the door attached is drilling the existing door and mounting small hinges with nuts and bolt from a hardware store or fabrication hinges since the original are missing and generally not removable. The fixed shelf inside the cabinet was modified to allow door to swing open if every reattached with hinges. Currently the panel door is held in place with duct tape. 


Files coming soon.