Highlights of some of the more obvious issues found during inspections.


At first glance I thought there was a fire.

Inspection in Freehold

Stairway to the hospital

These stairs are severely deteriorated and unsafe. The railings are loose and cannot support any weight if necessary. 

Inspection in Neptune

Vegetation growing on the inside

The in the rear of the first floor of this house vines worked their way through several openings in the foundation and back door over the years.

Inspection in Belmar

Limestone deteriorated

Be careful of what products are used to melt ice in winter.

Inspection in Bayville

Romex wire on the outside

There is romex wiring that can be used outside, this is not it. I actually purchased this house and there were multiple electrical issues. 

Inspection in East Brunswick

Leaking plumbing valves

Leaking plumbing valves in ceiling hidden by sheetrock. Also dripping on furnace exhaust vent (see picture below).

Water leak above flue pipe

Rust hole in furnace exhaust vent due to leaking shutoff valves above (see above picture).

Inspection in Point Pleasant

Formica counter top

Damaged and delaminating due to contacting with excessive standing water.

Inspection in Spring Lake 

Water heater

There is a saying," a home inspector never met a water heater that he liked." Well no one should like this one.

Inspection in Manalapan

Plastic utility sink

A nice feature in any basement, however it should not drain into the sump pump pit.

Inspection in Jackson

A very Brady railing.

Popular in the 70's & 80's, this style decorative railing is far from safe due to its low height and the spacing between rungs.

Inspection in Marlboro

Sink Hole

Although not part of a standard home inspection we performed on the residence, while the bulkhead was being inspected by a bulkhead contractor, it failed  under the inspector's feet.

Inspection in Brick

Siding Repair

Homeowner removed deck and had a friend that had left over siding.

Inspection in Point Pleasant.

Air Quality

What does the inside of your air conditioner look like?

Inspection in Belmar.


Concrete sidewalk, cracked, crumbling, safe and beyond repair.

Inspection in Neptune.

Crack in basement floor

Crack runs the entire width of the concrete basement floor. Probable cause was ground under right side of crack not compacted enough before concrete was poured. When a level was placed on it right side of floor was 2 inches lower. Inspection in Point Pleasant

Another angle

The lines on the block wall in the background are level. Notice how the floor slants lower away from the crack. Inspection in Point Pleasant.

Cracked water line

The water was turned off at the street during the time of the inspection. Line is cracked directly after shutoff valve. The water company made several unsuccessful attempts to contact the seller to move and replace the water meter. Inspection in Point Pleasant.

Garage door hits PVC furnace vent

This house was built 3 years ago. Problem  occurred during the construction and was never corrected. The door comes in contact with the pipe and will pass it but have to push on door to get it passed the pipe. Over time the door has wore a small groove in the pipe. 

Garage door hits PVC furnace vent

Unsure how this went unnoticed during the walk through or why it wasn't corrected by the builder. It's a fairly easy fix. and not necessarily a huge concern but more of an everyday annoyance. 


Wood burning stove

Stove was installed at unknown point in time. Besides being a trip hazard the installation raised multiple questions. Recommended further inspection by a licensed or certified professional. 

Wood burning stove

Water damage

Although this would not be discovered during a home inspection since vinyl siding is not removed. After 14 years the builders grade vinyl windows are difficult to open or don't stay open. During replacement it was discovered that water was getting behind the siding compounded by incorrect installed felt paper causing the damage pictured. Unfortunately in this case the OSB is damaged below the deck ledger board below and part of the deck had to be removed to be repaired properly. 

Water intrusion

Water penetration discovered when window sill was removed. 

A perfect Example

Gutters draining too close to house

Drainage and the groundwater table is sometimes a complex issue. The height of the water table, depth of the basement and other factors come into play. But leaders draining this close to the structure may add to become an issue. TFI recommends drainage from gutters be at least 10 feet from the structure, especially if there is a basement. While digging footings for a new deck the following was encountered.

Closest to the house

The hole for closest to the house, almost directly in front of the leader is filled with water. Water was at 26 inches below grade.


The hole furthest from house is dry at 36 inches deep. 

A different type of example


This would not be discovered nor is it part of a home inspection. A storm passed through and it poured for hours. The sewer is in front of the property on the left a few feet behind the telephone pole. And yes the lowest point on the street. This is an issue that the new resident will have to resolve with the town.

A closer view

The water is slowly lowering but it still about 8 inches deep

A different perspective

After speaking to the neighbors, it turns out that the valve that releases excess water into the bay has been broken for sometime now and this happens every now and then. If possible i will try to engage the neighbors during an inspection, and I pass along the advice of real estate developer and author Ian Nils,  "knock on some of the neighbors doors and introduce yourself, I do. You would be surprised what some people say along with gaining additional insight on the neighborhood and even the property."