Additional Inspections

Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

Whether this is your first home or home maintenance is something new, an annual home maintenance inspection is beneficial to all. Homeowners often don't realize the deteriorated condition of items around the home before its too late. Often these are costly conditions that could have been prevented by performing maintenance. So let us check to prevent this from happening to you.

Bank Inspection

During the process of home building or renovations, The Final Inspection will assess the progress in order for the release of funds from lenders so the next stage can begin. 

Builder's Warranty - 11th Month Inspection

Many new homes come with a one year warranty from the builder. Additionally the major systems should be covered by some type of manufacturer warranty and should be functioning like new, since they are practically new. However defects in these systems as well as other materials or workmanship does occur. This inspection may be the last chance for repairs under the builder's warranty. 

Estate Inspection

This type of situation is never easy and is our least favorite type of inspection. Before any decisions made, call David for an honest assessment of the homes condition along with any further recommendations as needed. 

Investment Inspection

An investment inspection allows for the opportunity to famaliarize yourself with the condition of your investment property.  By taking the time to exam the property with an inspector and identifying the defects along with the systems and condition of the  dwelling compounds the accuracy of your investment decisions. 

New Construction Phase Inspection

The new construction phase inspection can be customized and be performed at any or all phases of construction as well at the end. This is potentially one of our most controversial inspections due to scrutinizing work completed by others. The Final Inspection LLC provides an impartial inspection of all phases of construction ensuring building practices and quality assurance. 

Pre-Listing Inspection

Prior to placing your New Jersey home on the market, a pre-listing inspection by a unbiased third party may assist in setting a fair price as well as provide insight into your homes condition. Furthermore the inspection will identify any issues the buyer's inspection may uncover so they may be corrected or taken into consideration.  

Pre-Offer Inspection

In a fast paced real estate market any hesitation may be your next home ends up  belonging to someone else. A Pre-Offer Inspection is an opportunity to evaluate the condition of the accessible components and systems to provide the means for a confident offer. 

Expert Witness Services

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Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection may lead to substantial savings in home owners insurance. Check with your carrier today. Then call us to schedule your inspection. 

Home Inspector on Retainer

Program specially designed for the real estate developer, house flipper or general contractor doing multiple yearly transactions. Customize a plan that's right for you. Contact us for details.

Public Adjuster

Due to the high volume of calls along with the regrets from people that chose other inspectors, David is now offering assistance with insurance claims.